Is It Time For An Update

I had a problem with my Smart TV last week. And so, I could not use Netflix or Amazon or any of the other streaming services. Not a dire situation rest assure. Nevertheless, it was one that I wanted to remedy. It does seem as though my technological woes are providing great fodder for my reflection. But I digress. After about 3 hours of talking to different service people on the phone, it seemed as though I was finally going to get my solution. And I promptly asked the technician what the problem was. He said that your television had an update that had not been applied to my internet service. I needed a patch.

I directly went to look up the word update. And the definition read something of this sort. An update is a minor upgrade. After a bit more research it seems as though an upgrade is a major change to the system. One part no longer functions, has become obsolete, no longer serves its purpose and so it must be upgraded or replaced. The way I see it think a broken leg. One can’t walk. The loss of sight. You can no longer hear. You get sacked. You need a job. These are calls for upgrades.

Whereas an update is a minor change. The part still works but not optimally, not well, some features are not available. Maybe you walk with a limp. Maybe your job is unsatisfying. Maybe your eyesight is getting worse and you need glasses. Or to help you hear you need a hearing aide. Both, the update and the upgrade, help you to function and perform in a way that fits your present context.

Well my need for a technological update just happened, coincidentally, to coincide with my need for a metaphysical update. I was still operating with outdated software. Or maybe the software had been updated but the patch had not been applied so that my entire life could reflect this new level of consciousness.

Psychologists as well as child educational theorists tell us that our belief systems reflect our life experiences. And the more powerful the experience emotionally, in the positive through elevated emotions of bliss and love and joy and connection or the negative through trauma, the more those ensuing beliefs become part of our operating system, so to speak.

And in times of difficulty we regress to those fundamental ways of being in the world. The child may be grandiose and feel omnipotent when happy. Or he may feel helpless or powerless when experiencing trauma. I think part of my software led me to believe that I can not create the life that I want in the here and now. This is not novel. Many individuals and groups have experienced real helplessness which leads to what psychologists call learned helplessness even after the cause of the helplessness no longer exists.

And it is true when we are children our options are limited. And when we chronically face situations that we can do nothing about we learn that we can not change our situations. For me that I can’t be happy right here and right now. I think that I need to change my circumstance or location or situation to be happy. And the key to my happiness is in the hands of others.

But after my bout with the TV technician. I realized that I no longer believed that I am helpless. And in fact, I wanted to get out of, what I call, the happiness lay away program. I wanted to be happy right here and now. And in fact, I now believe that happiness is right here to be discovered and created.

In other words, I needed an update. The apostle Paul puts it this way. When I was a child I thought as a child but when I became an adult, I put away childish things. Namely that my joy, peace, happiness is dependent on the good fortune and goodwill of others. But maybe like me you no longer hold unhelpful beliefs. And you need an update.

Isn’t it great that even our creations reflect spiritual truths? In this case updates must be applied. We can ignore the notes that come our way, or we can choose to stop and apply the update. Hit reply and tell me how your update is going.